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Tapco elevator bucket engineering

Bucket Venting
1. Bucket Venting Section
Information about venting holes used in elevator buckets. Details about the 5 standard elevator bucket venting patterns, and all custom venting for CC-HD, CC-XD and U-HD bucket styles. Includes the Venting Table sheet in PDF for easy printing.
Bucket Venting Section.

Elevator Bucket Bolt Holes


2. Bolt Hole Patterns
Guides for
for attaching bucklets to a belt, or chain conveyor:

    Bucket punching guides for Belt Elevators:
   (all are PDF pages that open in a new window)

Bucket Styles AA & AA-RB (Centrifugal discharge buckets).
Bucket Styles LF, MF, HF & HFO (Continuous discharge buckets).

   Bucket punching guides for Chain Elevators (PDF page opens in new window):

Centrifugal discharge buckets on "K" attachments.
Continuous discharge buckets on "K" attachments.
Continuous discharge buckets on "G" attachments (SC Super Capacity buckets).
Centrifugal discharge buckets on "G" attachments (AA bucket style).
Centrifugal discharge buckets on "A" & "B" Wing attachments (AA & SC buckets).

Elevator Bucket Specification Sheet

3. Elevator & Bucket Specification Form
(PDF page opens in new window).

Use this 2 page 'fill in the blanks' form to provide the information needed to find the perfect bucket for your elevator. Download Spec Form.

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

4. Computing Bucket Elevator Capacity
(PDF page opens in new window).

Use this one page worksheet to calculate the total capacity of a Bucket Elevator. Download Worksheet .

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

5. Bulk Material Density Tables
(PDF page opens in new window).

Lists the product density (in Lbs per Cubic Foot) of over 500 materials.

For example:
Ash, Black Ground = 105 Lbs per Cubic Foot
Coffee, Ground, Dry = 25 Lbs per Cubic Foot
Limestone, Crushed = 85-90 Lbs per Cubic Foot ...

Download the Tapco Bulk Material Density Table (PDF).

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

6. Metric Conversion Table
(PDF page opens in new window).

Lists the formula's for converting between the Imperial system and the Metric System.

Many measurements including:
Volume, etc.

Download the Tapco Metric Conversion Table (PDF).

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

7. Table of Speeds
(PDF page opens in new window).

This Table gives the broad range (RPM & FPM) for Tapco
CC-B, CC-HD & CC-XD elevator buckets.

A second table at the bottom of the sheet gives the same information for the Super EuroBuckets and EuroBuckets.

Download the Tapco Table of Speeds (PDF).

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

8. Spouting Capacity Table
(PDF page opens in new window).

This table provides the capacity in BPH (Bushels Per Hour), for both round & square unlined downspouting, for spouts between 6" and 24" in diamater.

Download the Tapco Spouting Capacity Table (PDF).

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

9. Head Shaft Diamater per Horsepower Rating
(PDF page opens in new window).

This Table gives the recomended shaft diamater for 1 hp to 250 hp motors.

Download the Table of head shaft diamater to HP (PDF).

Bucket Elevator Capacity Worksheet

10. Inches to Millimeters Conversion Table
(PDF page opens in new window).

This Table lists the equivalent Millimeter values for all fractions of an inch.

eg:   3/16 = 4.7625 mm

Download the Inches to Millimeters Conversion Table (PDF).

Tapco Elevator Buckets Contact Information
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